Update: Ark Survial Evolved v311.7

Update: ARK Survival Evolved v311.7

Wir haben unseren TOC ARK Server auf die neuste Version geupdated.

Current Version: v331.7 - 22.06.2021

  • Fixed an issue with Genesis Part 2 not using the correct octree causing performance problems
  • Reduced the Lazer range of the Astrodelphis (does not affect mission version of Astrodelphis)
  • Astrodelphis Lazers now respect armor when applying damage (does not affect mission version of Astrodelphis)
  • Adjusted Mantis Feeding to prevent it from starving when fed Rhino Horns
  • Fixed a bug where the Astrodelphis baby would get stuck inside the mother on spawn
  • Fixed a mesh exploit
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